Champa Global Trading

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide businesses to success without boundaries and succeed in every project we take on. Our competitive distinction shines from San Diego to Timbuktu - wherever markets meet opportunity. From global data research to on-the-ground intelligence, our foremost aim is to serve and deliver for our clients.


Our Expertise

New trends. Distribution channels. Cultural awareness. The exciting opportunities of matching products with buyers is not without its pitfalls. CHAMPA is positioned to guide you to success in the global marketplace. Think of us as your Sherpa on the trail to your market's peak experience.


Our Promise

When we sign on the dotted line, it's time to go! We view client work like a rocket ride - we're there for the liftoff, the journey, and the splashdown. We promise to be clear about the flight plan, to keep you informed of the progress, and celebrate when we reach the destination.


We Can Help

Whether it's advising on foreign export market trends, assisting in branding and shipping, or finding overseas buyers, we'll handle as much of your international sales as you want us to. We’re here to help you enter the global village at whatever pace suits your business and get your products in the hands of foreign consumers. Once you’re ready to expand your sales to new markets, we’ll be here to guide you through the process.

We can help! We'll get to know your business and research your customers and prospects. Then, we'll create advertising (print and online), websites, direct mail, press releases and more. Whether you want a full-scale integrated campaignor just need some copywriting or design help on a project, we will partner with you and guide you through the process.


Have a team with creative ideas in mind?


Need some new marketing strategies?


Have a big marketing project you could use some extra brainpower on?


Looking for a long-term partner who will help maximize your marketing efforts?

Looking For New Market?

Our international team is dedicated to learning more about developing markets with both in-depth market analysis and on-the-ground research. We believe that exporting should be as predictable as expanding your domestic sales – and our market research adds clarity by removing uncertainty and providing unique insights into the foreign market landscape. Our commitment to finding new consumer trends allows our customers take action when opportunities arise.

If you’re interested in expanding your reach, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We perform extensive international market research about trending consumer buying patterns and are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Imports & Exports

Our export trading company is supported by professional and experienced staff and affiliates who are adept at all the ins and outs of international trade – including branding, positioning, and international shipping logistics.