About Us

CHAMPA Global is a business development consulting firm and an import and export trading company with a focus on providing services to foreign companies looking to establish an American presence, and looking for proven results and services in the most cost-effective, efficient, with professionalism in a timely manner. As such, CHAMPA Global’s consultants and sales executives are well known in its networks as a group of savvy, innovative entrepreneurs, business development and marketing professional’s exceptional skills. Additionally, CHAMPA Global works only with top-notch copywriters and graphic designers, and together we bring a combined of more than 20 years of experience to you. We walk our talks, we deliver our promises, and we stand by our works!

At CHAMPA Global, we offer services that are unparalleled, unmatched marketing and management consultation.  Our consultants work closely with clients to create a custom-tailored action plans that respond directly to their specific and unique needs, challenges, industry, and their culture. Whether it’s advising on foreign export market trends, assisting in branding and distribution, finding overseas buyers, or helping clients enter the global village at whatever pace suits their business to get their products into the hands of foreign consumers, CHAMPA Global will handle as much as you require.

Our Mission

"Through our committed teamwork and a passion to succeed, CHAMPA Global's MISSION is to provide the best service that is unparalleled with development plan for each client, allowing them to efficiently and effectively establish a presence in the U.S. market."