Whether it's management consultant, business process and streamlining analysis, advising on foreign export market trends, assisting in branding and shipping, or finding overseas buyers, we'll handle as much of your international business needs as you want us to.

We’re here to help you enter the global village at whatever pace suits your business and get business to operate effectively and efficiently, as well as get your products in the hands of foreign consumers. Once you’re ready to expand your business and sales to new markets, we’ll be here to guide you through the process.

Our Experts

Our team of specialist recruitment consultants are dedicated to understanding your career goals and aspirations and together with their industry knowledge, they will be able to help you progress in your career. If you are looking for new opportunities, our team of dedicated specialist consultants has the best experience and client network to help you in your career progression. We take your career goals and objectives very seriously, and believe in finding the best organization and job fit for you. If you are looking at alternative job options, speak to our general management consultants who have the experience and network to aid you in your job search.

Business Development Consulting

Whether you have a growing start-up or long-time established business, CHAMPA Global can help you optimize your marketing efforts and become a successful contender in your field. We can develop a brand and marketing strategy and a complete tactical plan for you, or we can help you "a la carte" if you only need assistance in a particular area.


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